Pregnancy & Birth Injury

Pregnancy & Birth Injury

During pregnancy women have several midwife appointments and scans and those with health concerns or higher risk pregnancies will frequently see their medical team and consultant. You would be hopeful that under close observation any issues or problems would be identified immediately, but unfortunately this is not the case for all mothers-to-be.

Likewise, during birth, women are surrounded by healthcare professionals and specialists if they have opted to give birth in a hospital or birthing centre. It would be hoped that they receive exceptional care, are closely monitored and in the best place could complications arise.


Not every pregnancy goes smoothly and if mishandled by midwives or doctors, then the consequences can be life changing.

If you or your baby received sub-standard care or suffered injury whilst in the care of trusted healthcare professionals, then please call our understanding team who can see if you have grounds for a claim.

Pregnancy can be a worrying and an emotional time. The highest level of care is expected from the people looking after a pregnant woman and their unborn child as they navigate the pregnancy which is not always smooth sailing.


Attending scans is an important milestone for mothers – not just to catch a glimpse of their baby or to learn their gender, but to get peace of mind that they are developing and growing safely. This is where any serious defects, complications or infections should be detected so that parents have time to decide on their options and understand the severity of the rest of their pregnancy and the implications for their child’s future.


When it comes to labour and birth, the utmost trust is given to professionals when women are at their most vulnerable and in a great deal of distress and pain. Every birth is different, and sadly some births can suddenly become high-risk and frightening. This can be a terrifying time for mothers and the fathers or relatives that bear witness. Sadly, during a difficult birth mistakes can be made – this could be errors when giving medication or pain relief, not being monitored sufficiently, mistakes when administering an epidural, surgical errors or birth injuries being sustained that could have been preventabe.

A traumatic birth that results in injury, mental health issues, the loss or injury of a baby can be extremely upsetting and something that becomes a life-long scar on what should be a happy time.   

If you believe that your birth was not handled correctly or you suffered birth injuries that should have been prevented, then a private conversation with a clinical negligence lawyer can help you understand the process of making a complaint or claim.

Child Loss or Injury

In a small number of cases a child can sadly be lost during birth. This can be down to a number of reasons, but it is important for parents to understand why they have suffered such a painful loss when they were just moments away from welcoming their baby into the world.   

If medical professionals are at fault, then a claim can be made. Whilst this can not come anywhere close to aiding the loss of a child, making a successful claim can help reduce the risk of others suffering the same ordeal.

If proper care, skill and attention is not given, then there is a risk of babies being injured during advanced labour or delivery. This could be lack of oxygen due to them becoming stuck in the birth canal for too long or from improper use of forceps or other instruments which can leave babies permanently injured. 

It is your right to seek justice for any avoidable harm that your baby suffers.

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