Delayed or Missed Diagnosis

Delayed or Missed Diagnosis

There are many injuries or conditions that need urgent medical attention in order to recover from. This is where a thorough examination and prompt referrals can make all the difference for a patient’s prognosis.   

Failure to identify a fracture or broken bone can mean that the body does not heal as it should have done with the correct treatment, it can result in invasive surgery (which comes with risks), a longer recovery time, financial loss from being unable to work, further pain and suffering and long-term impacts such as the need to prolonged physiotherapy or restricted movement.

If cancer is not diagnosed quick enough, or is missed completely, then this can also have devastating impacts. There are treatments available, however many of these are only effective or more effective if completed in the early stages of cancer, before it has time to develop, grow or spread.

Whilst some illnesses or injuries can be more complex and trickier to diagnose, people expect the highest level of care and this means spotting problems as soon as possible to help give the best opportunity to make a full recovery.

If you or someone you know has suffered due to medical professionals taking too long to make a correct diagnosis or have had serious medical condition missed, then you might be thinking about seeking justice through a complaint and compensation claim.   

Delays in treatment can jeopardise your recovery and impact on your career, finances, family and lifestyle. Call our proactive clinical negligence team today to discover your options on 01256 844888

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