The Lamb Brooks Dispute Resolution team offer a wide range of litigation services in Basingstoke and North Hampshire.


You, like anyone, would prefer to avoid disputes in your workplace, with your neighbours, or with your landlord or tenants, but sometimes it simply isn’t possible. Should you find yourself in dispute with anyone, you can feel anxious and alone, unsure of what you should do. In this case yo many need the services of a dispute solicitor in Basingstoke.


The Lamb Brooks Dispute Resolution team can assist you, whatever dispute you find yourself in. We can offer you pragmatic, cost-effective advice in respect of civil or commercial disputes and our experts will advise you of your options and guide you through the process.

Working With You

Ideally, disputes should be resolved through reasonable communication, but when that becomes impossible, the Lamb Brooks team is here to help you.

Our Solicitors are committed to gaining a full understanding of your situation in order to advise you on your legal rights. We aim to resolve disputes as amicably as possible.

Dispute Solicitor

Further information on our Dispute Resolution Services:

Fixed Fee Appointment

Making a Claim

Defending a Claim

Property Disputes

Contested Probate

Debt Collection

"Your company was recommended to us for help in contesting my mother’s will. Throughout the process i was given advice and up to date information. Simon was extremely up front with me as to the difficulties of this case and his advice was invaluable. Without his help and advice I would not have got a favourable outcome. I am very grateful for your firms help at this difficult time for me."


Key Contacts

Robert Finlayson

Partner & Head of Dispute Resolution

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