It can be difficult to handle a family dispute, and Lamb Brooks is experienced in supporting individuals who desire assistance in such an issue. This is a legal process that is often emotionally loaded and delicate to navigate, making the experienced support of a Lamb Brooks professional valuable and prudent.

As trusted family lawyers in Newbury, we enable the fair and swift resolution of family disputes. We act as unbiased mediators in your family affairs, helping all parties to reach an amicable solution that is appropriate and satisfactory. In this way, we help you to resolve your family dispute in one action, leaving all parties happy with the outcome.

A promise of support

Beyond acting as mediators, Lamb Brooks provides a depth and breadth of specialist knowledge that is hard to beat. We’re trusted family lawyers in Newbury, remaining up to date on all legislation and legalities that relate to family law in the Newbury and wider UK area.

It’s our promise to be impartial and fair in our service and accurate in our advice, working with all involved parties to resolve disputes and the distribution of assets as is appropriate to your issue.  For over 200 years, we have supported our clients as family lawyers in Newbury and beyond.

An investment in our specialist support ensures your dispute will be resolved with as little stress and disruption as possible, saving all parties time and potentially costly legal fees.

Our support is ready and available to you. To enquire today about our services as family lawyers in Newbury, please visit our contact page immediately.

Key Contacts

Rob Parker

Partner & Head of Family Law Team

Benjamin Carter

Associate Solicitor

Sarah Healy

Trainee Solicitor