Skilled support in all areas of employment law is available to our clients. As employment solicitors in Newbury, Lamb Brooks provides expert experience built into our company in the many years since its creation in the 1800s.

Employment law is nuanced, and often involves disputes and dispensations that are impactful to a business and its ongoing operations. Disputes can include assets and treatment of staff or visitors to a premise, making it a significant part of any company’s risk profile.

Experienced in resolving risk

Understanding the importance of this risk, Lamb Brooks act as trusted and experienced employment solicitors in Newbury. We remain at all times up to date on the present state of employment law in the UK, guaranteeing to our clients a service that is contemporary and capable. Our support pays for itself in mitigated risk and the expedient resolution of disputes and cases that may otherwise cripple a business operationally or financially.

This is an aspect of daily operations for any business, and cannot be ignored. Our support is decisive in this area, with our support as employment solicitors in Newbury ensuring your company is protected as it operates and grows.

We are ready to serve

Our specialist employment solicitors in Newbury are waiting for your call. To enquire as to our services at no obligation, please visit our contact page. We are happy to discuss your requirements, risk profile and expectations of our service at no obligation. We hope to hear from you soon.

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