For over 200 years, Lamb Brooks has been trusted to carry out its work and support. We’re known as one of the best in our industry and we’re referred to clients regularly; all reasons why an investment in an employment solicitor for Alton, Hampshire from us is a wise one!

Employment law is complex, and the impact of an issue that requires an employment solicitor can be far-reaching for an individual or a business. Even common issues like redundancy or sickness can benefit from the help of a professional in Alton, Hampshire.

Our help to you

There are a number of different scenarios in which you might find yourself needing an employment solicitor in Alton, Hampshire from Lamb Brooks. From unfair dismissal through to compensation for holiday or working hours, we’re here for you. We can also assist you with disputes relating to settlement agreements, paternity and maternity and unfair termination due to redundancy or restructuring. Tribunals are also an area we can happily assist you with.

Expert consultation

Our professional advice is designed to make your disputes and issues more easily and favourably concluded. As professional employment solicitors for Alton, Hampshire and beyond, a Lamb Brooks professional is a promise of commitment and professionalism.

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We’d love to help with your issues and offer our expertise as employment solicitors. Visit our contact page to find the information you need to reach out to us; we await your message or call.

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