Writing a will is a sensible, prudent decision to make. Since the 1800s, Lamb Brooks has supported individuals looking to secure the fair distribution of their assets and belongings upon their passing. With our friendly, understanding assistance we ensure that your estate is properly divided according to your wishes.

The writing of a will is particularly important in Andover, Hampshire and the rest of the United Kingdom; having a legal document in place upon your passing avoids potential complications that often arise due to the need to divide and tax assets without instruction from the deceased party.

In this subject, and in the creation of a legally binding and fair will, Lamb Brooks is committed to support and service.

Sincere support

Whatever your reason for desiring the creation of a formal will, we know it is a serious decision that many find challenging and weighty. Our experience, spread over decades of support, helps us help you by offering relevant and expert advice on all areas of the process.

Our team is sincere in their commitment to customer service excellence, tactfully helping and guiding you towards the creation of a legally binding document that efficiently and safely reflects your wishes upon your passing.

Your document, written your way

 Wills are often complex in the modern world. Being proactive in the creation of your own will is a sensible choice for any adult to take, helping to ensure that their loved ones and those closest to them are cared for fully.

Lamb Brooks’ will writing service is available in Andover, Hampshire and the UK proper. Designed to be affordable, accessible and easily understood, we are proud to have helped thousands of individuals over the years with the creation of a will unique to them and written in the manner they desire.

Key Contacts

Sue Squires

Partner & Head of Private Client

Lisa Perry

Associate Solicitor

Elizabeth Groom

Associate Solicitor