19th September 2017

Tom Rossiter

Commercial Property

Tom Rossiter is a qualified Solicitor (Consultant) within the Property Law Team at Lamb Brooks.


Tom works with a broad range of clients on all commercial property matters. Tom is experienced in getting deals made and over the line by mastering the details and working closely with his clients and the lawyers on the other side.


Key Specialisms / Work Areas

Commercial Leases  |  Development Projects  |  Land Sales/Purchases  |  SIPP Transactions  |  Complex Assignments  |  Estate Management  |  Refinancing Estates  |  Estate Sales/Purchases

Tom Rossiter

Consultant | Commercial Property

t: 01256 305565


Tom works with landlords and tenants on commercial leases, working robustly to get the correct terms and agreements in place.


Tom has a particular interest in development projects – an area where a ‘team-led’ approach is vital.


Tom is a Trustee of West Berkshire Mencap, a Director of the Watermill Theatre in Newbury and a Governor of Newbury College.


Outside of work, cycling, sailing, theatre/music and following sport are Tom’s main leisure pastimes.


Loves: Cycling  |  Following his sons’ international rowing  |  Opera

Loathes: Grey winter days  |  Whisky  |  Punctures

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