Benjamin Carter is an Associate Solicitor within the Family Law Department at Lamb Brooks.


Benjamin has undertaken family law work over a long career during which he has throughout specialised in financial provision on divorce and children cases.


Benjamin appreciates that many separating couples wish to resolve their differences in a conciliatory and cost-effective way. He provides support, understanding and guidance to facilitate agreements being reached, so as to enable the issues to be resolved by this means.


Equally, Benjamin is quick to identify those cases where a very different approach is required, such as where one party has inflexible and unrealistic expectations, and is keen to ensure that precious funds will not be wasted by engaging in fruitless negotiations.


If court proceedings are required Benjamin will guide you through each step of the process, with particular concern to the dispute resolution stage where many cases, with the assistance of the court, can settle without the need for a final hearing.


Sadly there are a number of cases where there are allegations of domestic abuse within the relationship and Benjamin will be able to provide timely assistance with court proceedings that are issued as a result.


Some cases involve children whose needs are inadvertently overlooked in the dispute between the adults. Court proceedings may be required so that the court can decide who the children should live with.


Benjamin will consider with you whether there are alternative methods of resolving the dispute, such as mediation.


Key Specialisms / Work Areas

Divorce | Separation | Financial Provision Cases | Children Matters | Financial Matters | Collaborative Approach | Family Mediation | Injunctions | Drafting Orders | Court Proceedings

Benjamin Carter

Associate Solicitor | Family

t: 01256 305507


Benjamin is a member of Resolution, an organisation committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. Furthermore, Benjamin has been, over many years, an active member of Resolution’s national child support committee which strives to highlight issues arising out of the operation of the Child Support Agency.


Outside of work Benjamin spends his time with his family and enjoys going to the gym.


Loves: City Breaks | Keeping Fit | Good Wine

Loathes:  Train Delays | Food Waste | Animal Cruelty