Time, money and risk reduced; all things provided as a result of Lamb Brooks’ expert legal service. We are proven professionals in our field, acting as solicitors and lawyers in Fleet for clients private and commercial.

Our assistance and experience help guide your legal issues and affairs towards an ideal conclusion, making it more likely for you to receive a favourable outcome when working with your Local Authority.


Proven principles.

Lamb Brooks has grown to our prominent position over the course of 200 years. Part of this growth is, we believe, due to our commitment to what is now often called ‘old-fashioned values’. What does that mean in the modern age?

Simple. It means we prioritise integrity, honesty and sincerity in our work. We congratulate and encourage our teams when they demonstrate excellence in customer service as well as in their legal specialisms, ensuring that our clients have an ideal and calming experience during what are often stressful periods in their lives.

In this way, the service of Lamb Brooks solicitors and lawyers in Fleet has come to be regarded as the ideal choice for an individual who desires their legal affairs to be settled swiftly and professionally.


We’re here to talk and to help.

If you have a legal issue and are looking for help, we’re right here to provide it. We are trusted Solicitors/Lawyers in Fleet and are proud of the work we do and the help we provide. Get in touch today by calling 01256 844 888 or by emailing enquiries@lambbrooks.com.