Whether your concern is private or commercial, Lamb Brooks and our team of property solicitors in Fleet are ready to assist.

The sale or purchase of any property is a significant affair; for private owners and buyers, it is often the largest expense in their life. The same is true for commercial transactions. Much rests on the sale of a property and the sale of it at its best possible price, making the support of a legal specialist worthy to consider.

Experts in your law.

Lamb Brooks is not only a specialist in all forms of property law, but is also experienced and able to support you in navigating the law specific to your area and region. We have decades of experience in negotiating and dealing with local authorities, individuals and corporate entities, making our depth and breadth of experience unmatched. With over 200 years since our inception as Lamb Brooks we have helped thousands, coming to be known as trusted property solicitors in Fleet.

With our assistance, your property transaction will be negotiated in an expedient and legally appropriate manner. The support of a property solicitor in Fleet is seen in the results, with our team helping to smooth the process overall and to guide you towards a favourable outcome.

Here to help.

Our team is here today and ready to support you in your property transaction. To speak to a member of Lamb Brooks directly, please call 01256 844 888 or email us on enquiries@lambbrooks.com.

Key Contacts

Sheena Aston

Partner & Head of Property Law Team

Jeanette Frangou

Conveyancing Executive