Professional Negligence occurs when a professional fails to meet their responsibilities to the required standard, or breaches their duty of care to their client, resulting in the client suffering damage or financial loss.


A ‘professional’ can be anyone considered to have expertise in the services they provide, often someone who has been through specific training and is part of a regulated industry e.g. an accountant, solicitor, surveyor, financial advisor or architect.

Examples include;

  • Failure to identify structural problems with a property
  • Errors made during planning resulting in negligent building works
  • Inadequate advice on matrimonial proceedings resulting in an unfair settlement
  • Poor legal representation resulting in the loss of a court case
  • Poor investment recommendations
  • Loss, failure or late filing of paperwork

What Could your Compensation Include?

The amount of compensation you can expect from a professional negligence claim will vary depending on the size of the loss. There are many factors that will contribute to the claim value.


Amount lost which are solely attributable to the alleged negligence on the part of the professional, property equity, or additional costs incurred, amongst other possible losses, could all be taken into account when analysing the size of your claim.

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