Mediation is the process by which couples or other family members seek to reach an agreement about matters that are important to them with regards to a relationship breakdown, in the presence of a trained neutral party – the Mediator.


At Victoria House Mediation our qualified Mediator is Laura Bell.


Mediators do not make decisions. Their role is to help couples co-operate, resolve conflict, reach joint decisions and most importantly focus on the needs and feelings of children. It is important to remember that mediation is not reconciliation or counselling.


Benefits of mediation:

  • Can be cheaper than using the Court
  • Can help clarify and minimise the areas of conflict
  • Can be quicker than using the Court
  • Can be better for the children
  • Lessens the stress of the relationship breakdown, and tries to keep couples talking and working together
  • Can be used by other family members – such as grandparents
  • Focuses on the future, not the past
  • Can result in an agreement that the couple is happy with, rather than having a solution imposed by the Court
  • Confidential
  • Voluntary

"Thank you for your support, kindness and advice. I understand why your firm is so popular in Basingstoke - you really try to help people and tailor your services in accordance with people's needs as well as financial situation. It was your kindness which gave me that feeling of your sincere support, feeling that you were on my side and ultimately the feeling that everything will be fine. I really appreciate that."


Key Contacts

Laura Bell

Associate Solicitor

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