There are many reasons why trusts are created. They may have been included in a person’s Will or set up during a person’s lifetime for tax planning purposes. Or they may have been created to protect the interests of a disabled relative or the proceeds of a personal injury claim.


Whatever the reason, at Lamb Brooks our specialist team will be able to create the appropriate solution for your specific wishes. We will talk through and discuss with you what you want from a trust, advising you about the suitability of different types of trust and set out the options that are open to you.


There are many situations where it might be undesirable to make outright gifts of large sums of capital, including but not exclusively:

  • Where beneficiaries are very young or vulnerable
  • Where you want flexibility on allocating income and capital between different beneficiaries
  • Where you want a beneficiary to receive income only

In these, and many other situations the solution involves the use of a trust.

"Global Service Group relies on Lamb Brooks not just for faultless legal advice but also because of their commercial understanding of our business. In particular, their Employment and Litigation teams' excellent support has not only given us a significant financial advantage but also enabled us to bid on complex contracts with confidence. I have no hesitation recommending Lamb Brooks as a trusted business partner"

Rob Berringer

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