Lamb Brooks offers you a full inheritance tax planning service. We have experts in all aspects of inheritance tax and capital gains tax planning when looking at lifetime and estate planning.


Our experts in tax law can offer you clear, easily understood advice and work alongside accountants and financial advisers where necessary.


We will familiarise ourselves with your current circumstances, as well as your plans and concerns for the future and find the best way to reduce your inheritance and capital gains tax bills during your life and upon your death.


Life is unpredictable, so our tax experts will find flexible and cautious solutions for your tax status using the many available exemptions and reliefs that are accepted by HM Revenue & Customs.


We can’t always remove all the tax, but we can tailor tax planning to suit you, your family and your business, allowing you to take control of how much change you want to make. It always depends on what you want to do.

Tax planning

"We were pleased to get legal advice on potentially complicated matters in a friendly, straightforward and understandable manner. The advice provided has helped in planning our future and provided reassurance that we are taking the current actions."


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