8th November 2018

Starting & Creating Families

The beginning of a relationship is an exciting time. As things develop, there comes a point in every partnership where it is important to plan for the future and that is where our Family Solicitors at Lamb Brooks in Basingstoke can help.


We know that ‘being married with 2.4 children’ is no longer the ‘typical family’ set up. Many couples are waiting until later in life to have children, some are faced with fertility issues and others make a conscious decision to adopt or take the surrogacy route to grow their family.


There are also many same-sex couples that would welcome the opportunity to raise a child, and equally, individuals who are not in a relationship may decide to become a single parent or co-parent with someone who they are not in a traditional partnership with.


Although we are incredibly lucky that science, medical and social advances have made it possible to have numerous routes to becoming parents in a way that is inclusive of everyone (regardless of their age, gender, relationship status or sexuality), it does come with some rather complex legal processes.


If you are thinking about conceiving a child through donation, co-parenting, surrogacy or adoption it is important to understand and consider the legal issues you may be faced with. The law can be complex and not always logical in this specialist area so it is advisable to seek advice from an expert to make sure that you understand your responsibilities and rights before undergoing any treatment or taking that first step in the process.


We can provide you with the bespoke fertility or surrogacy advice you may need to assist you in expanding and securing the arrangements for your family whether you are a mixed-sex couple, same-sex couple, single parent, fertility patient or using donor conception.


This is a specialist area of law where we draw upon our legal resources and experts in the field to provide you with robust advice and peace of mind.


For further information or for a confidential chat with a solicitor, please contact Rob Parker or Laura Bell on 01256 844888 or email enquiries@lambbrooks.com

"From the very moment I started working with the family team at Lamb Brooks I was confident and relieved that they had the best interests of my family in mind. They have supported me and my case and worked relentlessly to ensure the best possible outcome. I can't thank you all enough for what you have done"


Key Contacts

Rob Parker

Head of Family Law Team

Laura Bell

Associate Solicitor

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