23rd September 2017

Settlement Agreements

Should you find yourself in a dispute or if your employer is seeking to mutually agree an exit, it is possible that they may ask you to sign a employment settlement agreement (previously known as a compromise agreement). Signing such a document usually means that you are waiving your legal rights, including bringing up the matter at a later date at an employment tribunal.


For such an agreement to be binding you must be given the opportunity to seek legal advice and your employer would usually make a contribution toward such legal expenses.


The Lamb Brooks Employment Law Department has extensive knowledge of such agreements and can review your agreement with you to ensure that it meets the necessary requirements. We can advise you as to whether the amount of compensation offered under the settlement agreement and the terms are fair in the circumstances, as well as what claims (if any) you would be signing away if you entered into the agreement.


If you are happy to proceed with the agreement, we can provide signed adviser’s certificates confirming that we have given you the necessary advice.


Should you not be happy, our settlement agreement solicitors can act on your behalf to seek to negotiate better terms. Our experts can advise you on the likelihood of success based on their vast experience of dealing with settlement agreements and exit packages. We can advise on the best strategy for negotiation and fight your corner.

"I dealt with Karen Bristow regarding a settlement agreement with my company. From the outset she was friendly and professional. Overall I am very happy with the service provided and have no hesitation in recommending Lamb Brooks to others."


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