So you are thinking about getting re-married – congratulations! It is a wonderful thing to find love again, however if you have already been divorced or have been made a widow/widower you may wish to consider protecting your wealth, assets and children from your previous relationships and get your new marriage off to a clean start as a fresh new couple. If you have been stung before from a previous divorce or separation one of the most crucial challenges to work through before you say “I do” again is how you are going to protect your financial assets in your second (or third, or fourth…) marriage. Estate planning is not the most romantic way to spend the lead up to your wedding but it is worth knowing how to protect your estate should the relationship break down or in case something happens to you. Not only does this protect your own interest, but it also helps protect the interests of your children from previous relationship/s. Crafting a prenuptial agreement will allow you and your spouse to be on the same page – quite literally – before you start your new married life together. There is no one size fits all solution as these agreements are completely bespoke to you and your circumstances and in more recent years have started to hold weight in court. For advice please contact our Rob Parker, Head of our Family Law Team on 01256 844888 or email enquiries@lambbrooks.com.

"“From the very moment I started working with Rob Parker, Julia McGuigan and the family team at Lamb Brooks I was confident and relieved that they had the best interests of my family in mind.” "

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