19th September 2017

Redundancies & Restructuring

In today’s economic climate redundancy and re-structures are commonplace events. Nobody likes it or wants it to happen, but you could find yourself being placed at risk of redundancy and left wondering if the process was a sham or your selection was fair. This can be an anxious and upsetting time – particularly if you have been with your employer for a long period or the redundancy has come as a surprise.


The Lamb Brooks Employment Law Department is here to support you, explaining your rights in a clear, jargon-free way and give you the confidence that you have an expert in your corner.


We will check that your employer is following the correct procedure, whether the redundancy selection has been fair, whether you have had an adequate consultation period and if you are being paid all that you are entitled to.


When redundancies or restructuring have come about as part of a business sale, merger or outsourcing/insourcing, there are clear rules under the TUPE Regulations to protect your employment. The Lamb Brooks Employment Law team has experience advising employees on their rights in these situations and what options are available to them.


If you have been warned that you are at risk of redundancy, or you are aware that a restructure is afoot or you have been dismissed on purported redundancy grounds, call our Employment Law Department today.

"I am very satisfied with the service I received as part of a redundancy package. I was informed on what was happening, what legal documentation meant and cost at all times. I was dealt with politely and in timely manner."


Key Contacts

Karen Bristow

Head of Employment Department

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