For most, their home is their main asset. Equally, many people are often widening their property portfolio to include ‘buy-to-lets’ and we are seeing an increasing number of clients giving their children a helping hand to get onto the property ladder.

Either way, if you are investing in property with another person, be that a partner, friend or relative, then careful thought needs to be given to protecting your nest egg.

A ‘declaration of trust’ or ‘deed of trust’ is used where two or more individuals are buying a property and one of you will be making a bigger financial contribution to the property i.e. you have invested a large deposit, a gift from parents, or will be paying more towards the monthly repayments on the mortgage.

If the owners are a couple, then a cohabitation agreement or a pre-nuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement can also offer an additional layer of protection.

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