In most cases, your home is your biggest asset, which makes any disputes surrounding your property particularly stressful.


The Lamb Brooks Dispute Resolution team is here to help you with any landlord and tenant issues, disputes with neighbours, contentious issues around boundaries, overhanging trees, building works, encroachment, property damage and rights of way.


We deal with both residential and commercial property disputes – working for property owners, landlords and tenants alike, so we can work effectively from either side with the utmost expertise and efficiency.


We have vast experience in claims for property ownership, long term leases for all types of premises, as well as advising on leasehold enfranchisement.


We start by listening closely to your concerns, then we can properly and clearly explain your rights. Whatever your property or land dispute might be, our solicitors will work hard resolve the situation using alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation or mediation. If the matter can’t be sorted in this way, then we will represent you professionally and vigorously in court.

"From the 1st Appointment I was advised clearly and honestly , I also had a better understanding of the process, Mr Finlayson kept me updated at all times and advised me on the next process. I would recommend Lamb Brooks: please don't bother with the claims companies advertised on TV, Lamb Brooks are clear and concise, they have a no win no fee policy. I would use them for all my legal matters in the future."


Key Contacts

Robert Finlayson

Head of Dispute Resolution

Simon Arneaud

Associate Solicitor

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