At what is meant to be a precious and cherished time of your life, there are unfortunately women that suffer substandard medical care during their pregnancy, birth and early post-natal treatment.


This can lead to devastating outcomes for not only the mother and child, but the extended family.


During labour, the main concerns are usually with the welfare of the new born baby. However, if something goes wrong during the birth it is not only the baby’s life that may be at risk but also that of the mother.


At Lamb Brooks we have helped women who have suffered wrongful anti-natal care, scarring, tears and infections, errors or injuries during assisted birth and misdiagnosis for mother or baby.


Don’t suffer in silence – speak to one of our medical negligence experts today. We have a team of understanding, female lawyers who are able to help. Call us on 01256 844888, email enquiries@lambbrooks.com or speak to our online chat assistant at any time.

"The service provided was efficient. I have found Lamb Brooks to be very proactive in my case, addressing any concerns or queries with expediency and efficiency. Andrew Lowe in particular has been extremely accessible and supportive, offering both guidance and compassion. I am thoroughly satisfied with the firm's involvement in my case. I have no hesitation in recommending Lamb Brooks or Andrew Lowe. "


Key Contacts

Andrew Lowe

Managing Partner

Hayley Emmerson

Partner & Head of Clinical Negligence

Victoria Pettit-Mills

Associate Solicitor

Clare Galvani

Litigation Executive

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