You should not suffer from the mistakes of medical practitioners. Doctors, surgeons and healthcare professional are all human and to some extent errors will be made, however when errors cause suffering to patients then you may have a claim.


Whether mistakes happen because of poor judgement, incompetence, time pressures, filing errors or mistakes made by those carrying out treatment – the impact has potential to further harm.


Examples of medical mistakes could include; being dispensed the wrong prescription drugs, nerve damage during surgery, anaesthesia error or foreign surgical objects being left in the body after surgery.


You can rely on Lamb Brooks to provide a compassionate service. Our experts focus on helping you secure the highest level of compensation attainable but also on helping to you access rehabilitation support.


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"The service provided was efficient. I have found Lamb Brooks to be very proactive in my case, addressing any concerns or queries with expediency and efficiency. Andrew Lowe in particular has been extremely accessible and supportive, offering both guidance and compassion. I am thoroughly satisfied with the firm's involvement in my case. I have no hesitation in recommending Lamb Brooks or Andrew Lowe. "


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