At Lamb Brooks, we make sure that your will is specific to you and your circumstances. Our specialist solicitors, who include members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), who adhere to the STEP Will Writing Code, will guide you through the process of making a will in a way that is clear and easy to understand.   As you move through life, your circumstances will change -and so should your will. We recommend that you review your will every three to five years in order to take into account any changes in legislation.   We can lodge your will in our strong room for safe keeping-free of charge. We can also arrange for it to be registered with the National Wills Register, ‘Certainty’.   Making a will -and keeping it up to date -is vital. Many people pass away each year without a valid will in place, leaving their estate to be dealt with by the state. Once you have made a will, you can relax knowing that after your death your assets will be dealt with in accordance with your wishes (taking into account relevant legislation). You can also rest assured that you have done everything you can for your family’s financial future.

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"I recently updated my existing will held with Lamb Brooks and once again received an excellent service - very friendly and information and at a reasonable price. Thank you!"


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