20th September 2017

Financial Disputes

Financial disputes are so often at the centre of separations and divorces and these are among the issues that those involved are most keen to resolve.


Our family law team at Lamb Brooks will make every effort to understand and identify the income and financial assets that you and your partner have. We will discuss with you the facts of your case and consider the options available to you to reach agreement, such as through the collaborative family process or mediation.


We understand that a vital element in family financial disputes is to be realistic about what is possible. Lamb Brooks’ solicitors will manage your expectations and go over the likely costs involved in the process.


We have a wide range of experience dealing with valuable properties, family businesses, overseas assets, trusts, inherited assets, farms, share options and complex financial arrangements.


The family law team works with a wide range of other professional experts such as independent financial advisers, pension actuaries, accountants and family law barristers to provide additional expert advice when required.


As a full service law firm, we can also take a team-based approach which means that, should the need arise, your matter will have the benefit of our expert lawyers across departments. For example, if you have any business interests that might be part of the assets in a divorce, Lamb Brooks also has a highly trained company law team on hand to help find a way through the commercial maze.


No matter how complex, it is always our aim to guide you through the process to achieve the best outcome for you with the minimum amount of stress.

"Thank you for your support, kindness and advice. I understand why your firm is so popular in Basingstoke - you really try to help people and tailor your services in accordance with people's needs as well as financial situation. It was your kindness which gave me that feeling of your sincere support, feeling that you were on my side and ultimately the feeling that everything will be fine. I really appreciate that."


Key Contacts

Rob Parker

Head of Family Law Team

Laura Bell

Associate Solicitor

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