With wealth being tied up in homes increasing numbers of retirees are choosing to unlock some of this through equity release but this type of scheme should not be entered into lightly or without seeking professional advice first.


Equity release will enable you to stay where you are but unlock some of your wealth. Unlike a normal mortgage where you make monthly repayments, equity release interest rolls up and when the plan finishes either when you and your partner die or move into long-term care the interest plus the amount of your original loan will be paid back to the provider. Remember though that taking this route will reduce the value of your estate, therefore affecting any inheritance you might want to leave to loved ones. It could also affect your entitlement to state benefits.


The Lamb Brooks Property Law Team have significant experience and a thorough understanding of equity release schemes and deal with Providers’ lawyers in order to provide the required confirmations and certificates.


Please speak to our team for further information.

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