19th September 2017


Being dismissed from your job or forced out can be extremely distressing, particularly as it can affect your personal life through financial worries. The Lamb Brooks Employment Law Department located in Basingstoke, Hampshire understands the impact that this can have.


You could have employment tribunal claims against your former employer, e.g. if they did not have a fair reason to dismiss you or they haven’t followed the correct procedure (unfair dismissal), if they have fundamentally breached your contract of employment prompting you to resign (constructive dismissal), or if they haven’t paid you your full notice pay (wrongful dismissal).


We offer fixed fee appointments to new clients in which we can listen to your case and give you sensitive, accurate and clear advice on what your rights are, what your prospects of succeeding in a claim might be and what unfair dismissal compensation you may be entitled to. Contact one of our unfair dismissal lawyers now to find out if you have a claim.

"It was so very good of Sophie to meet with me at short notice. Sophie's excellent knowledge and advice gave me the confidence to continue and I am extremely pleased with my successful outcome."


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Karen Bristow

Head of Employment Department

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