Unfortunately, people do sometimes fall out over wills, trusts and estates. Situations can arise where a person feels they should have received more from the deceased than they actually did.


It might be that the deceased wrote their will when they were not mentally fit to do so, or they were under the influence another person who persuaded them to change their will. Possibly family or others who were dependant on the deceased can find they have been left nothing or very little and feel that their support should continue. All of these situations could lead to a valid claim against the estate of the deceased.


Issues often arise from trust documents, where the wording is not entirely clear or where the trustees are not sure what they are entitled to. Beneficiaries of a trust can sometimes feel that the trustees are not acting as they should.


At Lamb Brooks, we can’t guarantee that you will achieve exactly what you want, but we always try to make the process as pain free as possible.

"Your company was recommended to us for help in contesting my mother’s will. Throughout the process i was given advice and up to date information. Simon was extremely up front with me as to the difficulties of this case and his advice was invaluable. Without his help and advice I would not have got a favourable outcome. I am very grateful for your firms help at this difficult time for me."


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Robert Finlayson

Head of Dispute Resolution

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