Thinking about legal issues when a relationship begins is rarely the first thing on your mind. Generally, people are not aware of their legal position of living together when a relationship breaks down.


If you are thinking of living with a partner, or intending to marry or enter into a civil partnership, we can draw up an agreement reflecting your intentions. We have a wealth of experience in preparing and advising on cohabitation agreements and pre-nuptual or post-nuptual agreements which can be tailored to your specific circumstances.


The law relating to couples living outside of marriage or civil partnership is very different from the law that relates to those within them. At Lamb Brooks, we can help you consider the options and their enforceability.


There is a common myth that if you live together you are common law husband and wife. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how long you have lived together, you do not have the status of any husband and wife. This means that, should you separate, the law relating to married couples or civil partnerships would not relate to you.


When a cohabitating relationship breaks down, it becomes necessary to turn to the laws covering land and property, trusts, contracts and children. Lamb Brooks’ specialist family solicitors can find the appropriate remedies for your individual circumstances.

"I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. I know you did your job but it felt like a personal service. I always knew you had my feelings and interests at heart. You've made me very relieved and happy. I have a smile on my face and my work colleagues are noticing. Thank you so very much. "


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Head of Family Law Team

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Associate Solicitor

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