We are rightly proud of our healthcare services in the UK, whether on the NHS or private. In the vast majority, the care delivered is of the very highest standards. There are rare occasions, however, when mistakes are made that can, unfortunately, leave individuals and families in need of support and financial help.


Clinical or medical negligence is the field of law that represents people who have suffered due to failings on the part of the medical profession.


Lamb Brooks has a highly experienced, specialist team dedicated to seeing through clinical negligence claims. Over the past few years, we have brought successful claims on cases that cover every aspect of clinical negligence from acute, emergency procedures, to chronic, long-term illnesses.


To make a clinical negligence claim, we need to prove that a healthcare professional failed in their duty of care, and also that their actions (or lack of actions) caused avoidable harm.


The Lamb Brooks team will discuss your claim with you confidentially and free of charge in order to confirm whether you have a case to pursue.


Most claims are handled under a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement, but there are strict time limits for making a claim, so talk to us now if you have any concerns about your medical treatment or the treatment of someone you know.

"The service provided was efficient. I have found Lamb Brooks to be very proactive in my case, addressing any concerns or queries with expediency and efficiency. Andrew Lowe in particular has been extremely accessible and supportive, offering both guidance and compassion. I am thoroughly satisfied with the firm's involvement in my case. I have no hesitation in recommending Lamb Brooks or Andrew Lowe. "


Key Contacts

Andrew Lowe

Head of Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

Hayley Emmerson

Associate Solicitor

Victoria Pettit-Mills

Associate Solicitor

Clare Galvani

Litigation Executive

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