Architects can carry out various functions from designing a building or an extension, and advising on what materials should be used for that construction, to actively project managing the works from beginning to end. There are various potential areas where mistakes can be made such as inaccurate drawings/plans, not obtaining correct planning permission, a poor tender process resulting in a bad builder carrying out sub-standard work or being overpaid for the work they have done, inadequate designs, not applying for appropriate CIL exemptions, etc.


With the possibility of so many mistakes being made, it is not surprising that architects can often be negligent. A lot will turn on the extent of the written contract and what they were actually instructed to do. However, there can be instances where an architect’s conduct impliedly creates a greater scope of duty and an assumption of responsibility for the additional services provided.


Regularly an architect will attempt to avoid liability by arguing that any issues which have arisen have been because of the builder/a contractor. This can complicate matters, but we are experienced in cutting through such arguments and identifying who the actual wrongdoer really was.


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