22nd October 2017


We all know that when a relationship breaks down, there can be an enormous impact on the children. To safeguard their interests, issues involving children need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Lamb Brooks’ family law team can help you focus on the best interests of your children, whether through the collaborative family approach, mediation, solicitor-led discussions or by an application to the court.


We can also advise and assist grandparents on their rights regarding their grandchildren. It is often overlooked that grandparents can be affected by the breakdown of a relationship to the point that contact with their grandchildren might disappear.


Whatever your disputes, we offer a number of ways to help you resolve them while keeping your children protected.

"After a 12+ month court battle for children's access I would highly recommend Julia Mcguigan and the rest of the team at Lamb Brooks. Julia sat down and spoke to me in laymans terms about the law, and even though it was frustrating and stressful for me she was my rock and remained calm at all times. So from the bottom of my heart a BIG THANK YOU to Julia Mcguigan and the family team at Lamb Brooks, forget the rest use the best...thank you very much."


Key Contacts

Rob Parker

Head of Family Law Team

Laura Bell

Associate Solicitor

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