Professional negligence support in Manchester. Since the 1800s, Lamb Brooks has served victims of professional negligence in Manchester and beyond with an exceptional service built on old-fashioned values of honesty and integrity. Employing a wide range of contemporary legal specialists, our team is committed to helping victims of professional negligence in Manchester and across the UK. Personal assistance for your business Size doesn’t matter; SMEs and corporations both can find themselves at extensive risk from professional negligence. Damage can be serious and often requires the seeking of professional support to make a claim and receive compensation. Professional negligence in Manchester and beyond is the same. Classified as when a professional fails in duty, care or service, the consequence is often borne by the company who paid the professional for their assistance. Lamb Brooks helps these businesses by offering a fast, transparent and effective support service with which to make a claim. Our expert advice will help identify your best course of action. We will be there with you and for you, every step of the way, helping you to reach an optimal outcome as swiftly as is possible. Examples of how professional negligence can occur

  • Your business may have been inaccurately valuated
  • You may have received inadequate or inaccurate advice that cost your business
  • You may have received poor legal advice or representation that caused your business to lose a case in court
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Work from professionals doesn’t come cheap and you do not expect to be let down by experts that you put your faith in – especially when it comes to your personal finances, your home, your business or your family.

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