Professional negligence support for London businesses. For over 200 years Lamb Brooks has protected businesses from the very real threat of professional negligence. We are trusted throughout the UK for the accuracy, honesty and transparency of our legal professionals, standing above and apart in our industry as a renowned company with a prestigious history. Are you a victim of professional negligence in London? We may be able to help. Your professional negligence assistance Many companies, whether large or small, fall foul of damages and financial losses incurred through professional negligence. As is normal, many businesses rely heavily on the support and service of a firm or professional individual, be they a solicitor or any other form of advisor. These professionals are hired in good faith. When such a professional fails in their duties, negligence has occurred. Defined as the failure to provide a reasonable level of skill, care or service offered, this failure can cause extensive damage and deserves compensation. As a trusted provider of professional negligence support in London and beyond, Lamb Brooks employs legal specialists with the knowledge and experience required to reach an optimal outcome for you and your business. Examples of professional negligence Here are hypothetical scenarios in which professional negligence claims may be pursued.

  • Inadequate advice from an actuary who has advised on the viability of a pension scheme
  • Poor and inaccurate valuation from a professional hired to valuate a business and its assets
  • A failure on behalf of an accountant to file paperwork by deadlines, resulting in fines

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