Personal injury can be a destabilising event in any person’s life. The interruption to your mental wellbeing and ability to work brings with it unique challenges and is an area where a personal injury solicitor in Andover, Hampshire can make the difference.

Lamb Brooks offers specialist legal support that is instrumental in working through a personal injury claim. With our support, you will be better armed with knowledge on how to process and defend your claim.

A history of excellence

Over 200 years of experience as personal injury solicitors have given us a depth of experience unmatched in Andover, Hampshire. The support of a specialist like those we employ helps our clients to properly structure, lodge and negotiate their claim and ensuing negotiation. This can save a profound amount of both time and money and drastically increases your likelihood of a favourable outcome in accordance with the writing of the laws governing personal injury.

Beyond this, we offer emotional support. Many of our clients report appreciation for the sense of comfort a legal professional brings in a very trying time. Our specialists are sincere in their work and are genuinely committed to helping you through a phase in your life that brings with it unique challenges and hurdles.

Whatever the nature and extent of your personal injury and ensuing claim, we want to support you and do our best to reach an ideal outcome for your benefit.

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Key Contacts

Andrew Lowe

Managing Partner

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Partner | Commercial Property

Clare Galvani

Head of Personal Injury