Re-marriage in later life is on the rise with figures showing that divorcees, widows and widowers over 50 are embracing their new found romance and are not afraid to tie the knot a second time around.


Getting re-married is becoming more common and weddings are also more affordable once you have an established career and more of the mortgage cleared – so why miss out on the chance to celebrate with loved ones?


A Better Chance The Second Time Round?


Recent UK statistics show that people who have been married before are much less likely to get divorced if they marry again. Statistics published in 2019 show that 18% of marriages end in divorce where one partner has been married before and only 8% end in divorce where both partners have been married previously.


Protection Is Key


Although the statistics show that a re-marriage later on in life is more likely to stand the test of time, it doesn’t come without other obstacles to overcome.


The rewards of finding love again are likely to far outweigh the complications; however taking precautions could give you the peace of mind to enjoy a new relationship to its fullest.


Some common themes we identify with our clients include:


  • Wealth Protection – Both parties may have accrued their own individual wealth and want to protect their assets should the relationship break down or because they are happy to keep their assets separate from the marriage itself.


  • Fear of Loss – Perhaps stung before in a previous divorce, many clients are wary of tying the knot again and risking losing money in an expensive divorce battle.


  • Inheritance Planning – Often couples re-marrying in later life will have grown-up children from previous relationships that they would like to ensure benefit from their estate upon their death. It is important to many people that their children and grandchildren are treated equally when a new partner is introduced to the family.


  • Tax Planning – As couples arrive into their new marriage with property, investments and pensions and it is important not to lose out on any tax breaks or benefits and ensure their portfolios are structured in the best way.


The good news is that these ‘sticking points’ are quite easily tackled with some good planning and solid legal advice.

Our specialist Family Law Team regularly advises clients on pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements. Perhaps a conversation in your 20’s about a pre-nup would have been awkward and unromantic, but after some life experience and an accumulation of wealth and heartache it is a much easier concept to digest and we find that clients really appreciate the benefits of having some protection in the form of a formal agreement.


Our leading Private Client Team see a range of clients, often with sizeable assets or complex estates, whose primary objective is to preserve their wealth and see it passed on in the most efficient manner. When forming new relationships it is essential to make sure all your legal affairs are in order. Updating or re-writing your will is a good starting point, but there are many other areas of planning to explore that may suit your own personal circumstances and future objectives. Whether you have a family business, investments or previously inherited wealth we can help formulate a plan to see that your wealth follows the intended path after you pass away.


At the heart of a marriage is often a family home. When two families come together it is important to decide upon how property is going to be owned so that both parties enjoy peace of mind should the relationship break down or when someone passes away. Pro-active advice from a Property Specialist can help you structure your property ownership in the best way for you and your family. Whether you are combining into one home or whether you have a portfolio of buy-to-lets and holiday homes, robust advice can save you money as well as provide reassurance.


A joined-up, holistic approach is required when advising families with more complex needs and this is why Lamb Brooks formed a specialist Wealth Protection Team in 2019 to specifically take care of those clients with more intricate planning requirements.


For those embarking on a new relationship after a loss or taking the brave step to give love a second chance it is often important to them that no stone is left unturned when it comes to protecting themselves, their wealth and their children.


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