Fraudsters are increasingly trying to trick home buyers/sellers into transferring their money into scam accounts. They hack into emails and create fake emails to try and persuade people to send money to accounts in the fraudster’s name.


To avoid being deceived by ‘redirection’ scams, be alert to the following:

  • Email addresses on correspondence may be similar to that of a genuine company but are in fact bogus
  • Fraudsters are likely to use the same logo and style as a genuine company and which looks authentic

What can I do to protect myself?


Follow these steps to help you reduce your risk:

  • Agree a process for payment early on – e.g. all parties should agree that bank account details will only be changed if instructions are provided face-to-face, or by phone between known contacts.
  • Never confirm the authenticity of a request to change account details over email or using contact details provided in the email. The details could be fake too. Instead use known contact details and speak to existing contacts, to verify that the request is genuine.
  • Experts say that fake emails are often impossible to distinguish from the real thing – a phone call or face-to-face is the only way to be sure.
  • Emails seem to be the preferred method of fraudsters, but be wary of phone calls. Remember fraudsters are likely to have read correspondence/communications, so they may cite details about the transaction.
  • Keep your anti-virus software up-to-date and regularly install any system updates.


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