We are all aware that our NHS is under great strain and has been for many years now. With the increase in demand, budget cuts, staff shortages and the loss of local health services it is not surprising that the National Audit Service recently found that waiting lists are ballooning.


More than 4.2 million patients are now on waiting lists for surgery. This is a 55% rise in the last five years, with many patients waiting over 18 weeks for their operations. Even those given urgent hospital referrals are waiting longer than ever before, with 1 in 4 urgent referral patients waiting at least 2 months for treatment.


40% of clinical negligence claims in the UK are brought because of delays in diagnosis or delays in treatment. These statistics are alarming, as lengthy waiting lists are bound to mean that some patients are at risk of further health issues, whilst their treatment is delayed.


The NHS does have plans to improve this and have pledged to increase early diagnosis rates from 1 in 2 patients to 3 in 4 patients, by 2028. Unfortunately this is too little too late for those who have already been waiting too long, or have been delayed by their GP with the referral in the first place.

Our Clinical Negligence Team at Lamb Brooks work with many clients who have suffered due to a delayed diagnosis or have waited too long for treatment. These cases can be devastating for families who not only have to see their loved ones struggle, but also learn that the outcome may have been different if they had been treated sooner.


If you believe that you or someone you know may have a medical negligence claim due to delays in treatment then please call our compassionate team today. Our team of experts will have a realistic conversation with you about the likelihood of a claim.


If you would rather discuss your claim face-to-face you are welcome to visit our friendly team at our offices in Basingstoke where you can have a coffee and chat with an expert before making a decision to take the claim further.


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