Lamb Brooks Solicitors is home to a large team of specialist lawyers who can assist clients with medical negligence claims.


These are often distressing times for the client, and they rely on the compassion, understanding and litigation skills of their lawyer throughout their claim.


The team have experience dealing with a range of high value claims against private medical practitioners and NHS Trusts.


Our Associate, Victoria Pettit-Mills reflects on some of her recent cases…


Help With Long Term Care


One of my most challenging cases this year was assisting a wonderful lady in her 90s.  She had suffered an injury to the wrist, which had been treated incorrectly in A & E, leading to her wrist fusing at an angle.  My client, who had been totally independent before injury, was now unable to attend to her personal care or feed herself.  Much of my work involved investigations regarding her care requirements and making sure plans were put in place to support her family.  This work needed to be done quickly to ensure that she could cover the mounting cost of her care. My client was absolutely delighted when settlement was reached, and she continues to live in her family home with the support of her family and carers.


Trust Apology After Obstetric Injury


I continue to have an interest in obstetric care and assist many ladies who have experienced traumatic injuries (physical and psychological) whilst giving birth. I have recently settled the claim of a client who suffered a serious perinatal injury.  This injury was not identified and treated until months after the birth, leading to numerous ongoing symptoms and many further procedures being required. The most important thing for my client was ensuring that this did not happen to another family, and the Trust have now apologised and confirmed that the clinicians involved have all been supported with training in this area.

Complex Tuberculosis Claim


I have recently represented a remarkable client who developed tuberculosis resulting from treatment received at her local hospital. My client was extremely unwell at the time of instruction and required many lengthy stays in hospital. Despite being extremely unwell, she always arrived at our offices with a big smile and did not complain once when I had to send her to various parts for the country for medical examinations!  This was a very complicated case requiring the assistance of numerous experts. A fantastic settlement was achieved on behalf of the client via lockdown virtual mediation (a first for all involved!) and my client is hoping to use this compensation to secure her children’s’ future.


Support with a Claim


If you think that you or a loved one may have a claim due to substandard medical care, then please get in touch with our approachable and friendly team today.


Our team are happy to discuss your claim over the phone and will be able to advise if you may have a claim. There are strict time limits to making a claim, and investigations can take a long time, so please make sure you contact us in good time to discuss matters.


If you would like to discuss a potential claim, please contact Victoria (victoria.pettit-mills@lambbrooks.com)/01256 305506 or contact our website chat 24/7.


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