Recent news headlines have highlighted how unlikely a GP is to diagnose some of the more deadly types of cancer due to the often misleading or multiple symptoms.


Just one in 10 GPs says they have the tools they need to diagnose pancreatic cancer early enough for treatment, according to research by Pancreatic Cancer UK.


The survival rates for pancreatic cancer have not changed in 40 years and with the survival rate being incredibly low the only real chance for beating this terrible disease is early detection. Unfortunately the vague nature of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer (back pain, indigestion and weight-loss) makes it difficult to detect until the cancer has already spread or is at a critical stage.. Once the cancer has spread to other parts of the body or into the blood then surgery is no longer an option.


Patients are reliant on GPs spotting symptoms, connecting the dots and making urgent referrals for tests, scans or treatment.

The Department for Health says early diagnosis is part of their long term plan for the NHS and they want to see all cancer patients diagnosed within 28 days. This sounds like a very optimistic target given the current numbers but hopefully cancer research continues to improve and budgets are made available to introduce quicker testing or access to treatment.


Delays in diagnosis are something that unfortunately our Clinical Negligence department see quite often. A delay in an accurate diagnosis will naturally delay any treatment given and therefore hinder chances for survival when it comes to an aggressive form of cancer. Delays can also result in unnecessary pain and suffering for patients and their families.


If you or someone you love has visited a GP time and time again and an important diagnosis has been missed or delayed then please get in touch today and see if our team of medical negligence experts can help you with a claim. It may sadly be too late to receive timely treatment; however a cancer claim can ensure that you leave your family a sum of money which can help see them through.


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