If you have been faced with the devastating news of an amputation you are likely to be feeling a wide range of emotions and you will undoubtedly have concerns for the future.


As well as the obvious effect that losing a limb will have on mobility, independence and general every-day activities it can also have a serious effect on career prospects, family life, relationships, mental health and self-confidence.


Facing a new life as an amputee can feel daunting, scary and upsetting but hopefully you are surrounded with support as you come to terms with the adjustments and ongoing treatment ahead of you.


When the amputation is through an accident that wasn’t your fault or from medical negligence then this can be incredibly difficult to accept and you are likely to feel a great deal of anger, disappointment and dis-trust.


Amputation After Accident


If you have been unlucky enough to suffer from a serious injury you will know that this traumatic event will end up shaping your life, affecting it mentally and physically every day.


Car accidents, industrial accidents, serious burns and serving in the forces are some of the main causes of amputation from accidents.


There are some 45,000 people reliant on prosthetic limbs in England and approximately 5,000 people each year go through a lower-limb amputation. For some people a medical condition or illness means that there is no choice but to amputate, but where someone is faced with amputation due to an accident or injury that wasn’t their fault it can be terribly difficult to accept.


Amputation Through Medical Negligence


Surgeons only choose to amputate if absolutely necessary. Therefore, amputations are not overly common through malpractice, although one may be required if:


  • There is a failure to identify symptoms such as reduced oxygen supply or blood clots
  • Doctors fail to diagnose infection, meningitis or diabetes
  • Serious mistakes are made in surgery, such as nerve damage
  • Amputation takes place of an incorrect body part
  • Errors are made with medication
  • Delays in treatment lead to amputation


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5 Tips to Remaining Positive with the Diagnosis of Amputation


  • Recognise your feelings and allow yourself to hurt. You will inevitably feel a whole raft of emotions and the process will be drawn out. Be kind to yourself and get emotional support when needed.


  • Stay positive. This may sound ridiculous when facing something so life changing, but a positive attitude can see you through life’s hardest times. It is impossible to be positive all of the time but try to take something good out of every day.


  • Find a support network – there are lots of charities, organisations and online forums / groups for those going through similar experiences. It can be hard for family and friends to fully understand what you are going through and comfort can be found speaking to people who understand your frustrations. We have added some useful links to websites, charities and support groups at the end of this article.


  • Find something that gives you purpose. It can be easy to weigh yourself down with all the things that you can no longer physically do, but what about all the things you can still do and wanted to do before your amputation?



Next Steps & Compensation Claims


If you or a loved one has lost a limb or part of a limb (fingers, toes, hand etc.) due to medical mistakes or due to an accident that should have been preventable then it may be possible to claim compensation.


Although no amount of money will make up for the life-changing reality of an amputation, the compensation will help pay for adjustments to the home, private treatment and physiotherapy and will help with additional care or loss of earnings on top of compensation for pain and suffering.


The professionals in our Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence department have been instructed by many patients who have sadly lost use of their limbs or suffered amputation due to an accident or mal-practice. Members of the team are always kind and compassionate as they understand how stressful it is to come to terms with a loss of limb.


The team at Lamb Brooks can assist you with a compensation claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis and they can also help you to access support and information outside of the legal process to help you through the mental and physical adjustments to your new life as an amputee.


Call today on 01256 844888, email enquiries@lambbrooks.com or speak to our Live Chat team who are online to take your information any time of day.


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