Earlier this month the spotlight is on a large retailer amid news headlines regarding the concerning number of serious injuries suffered by workers in their warehouses across the UK.


It is appreciated that there are certain risks when working in a warehouse environment, particularly when your job involves heavy lifting, stacking, using ladders, forklift trucks and machinery. However, this is where stringent health and safety precautions and training are vital in order to safeguard employees.


Warehouse Accidents


Last year there were 147 workers killed in their place of work in the UK and 581,000 workers sustained non-fatal injuries according to the Health & Safety Executive report for 2018/19.


Injuries reported in warehouses include fractures, burns, crushing and amputations.


Worryingly the statistics show that accidents are increasing year on year.


Employees from the global e-commerce giant that is in the press this week have spoken out on the poor and hazardous working conditions which will cause reputational damage.


Employer’s Liability


All employers, regardless of the industry or size of company, have a duty of care for their employee’s health, safety and wellbeing.


When a workplace holds an increased risk of accident or injury – such as building sites, warehouses and places of work that involve tools, machinery and manual labour the employer must ensure that they follow the applicable protocols to protect their workers.


This can include:

  • Providing robust, regular and detailed training
  • Providing protective equipment and clothing
  • Servicing and repairing equipment and vehicles
  • Using warning signs and health and safety posters
  • Regularly reviewing procedures and training
  • Checking that employees are fit for work with regular assessments
  • Ensuring employees follow procedures at all times
  • Carrying out risk assessments

When an employer has failed to provide a safe working environment and a member of staff, worker or contractor are injured as a direct result of their failings then a personal injury claim can be made.

Suffered a Workplace Injury?


If you have suffered an injury whilst at work – be that in a warehouse, factory, office or any type of working environment then please get in touch with our friendly team of experts.


We will collect as much information and evidence as possible to give you an accurate and honest review of your claim, informing you of its merits and what level of compensation you should expect to obtain.


We can then fight your claim on your behalf seeking to award you with the highest level on compensation. We have an impressive track record of representing clients who have sustained workplace injuries that were not their fault.


Compensation for Accidents at Work


As you would expect the size of compensation for an accident will depend and vary in different circumstances.


The severity of your injury will be taken into account, along with the pain and suffering endured, the length of time off work, loss of earnings, care required and the long-term affect your injury will have on your ability to work and live.


Your compensation value is based on a number of factors, not just the injury itself, which is worth keeping in mind if you are unsure about whether your injury is significant enough to make it worth claiming.


Take Action Today


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