Quite often our Clinical Negligence lawyers will hear clients explain that “it isn’t about the money”. We understand that no amount of money can undo wrongs or change what has happened because of poor medical treatment. Making a claim after experiencing medical negligence is not only about seeking financial compensation for what has happened to you and your family, but also has several other significant benefits.


Our lawyers at Lamb Brooks have experience helping people from all walks of life seek justice after negligent care from their doctor or other medical professionals. Here we share some of the benefits to making a claim, other than the financial award.


5 Other Reasons to Pursue a Claim


#1 It Can Lead to Change


One of the biggest concerns for a client is making sure that this mistake does not happen to another family.  Raising your concerns means that hospitals or medical practitioners can learn from the errors made, processes can be changed, and new training can be given.


#2 It Can Provide Closure


Medical issues can really take a toll on your mental health and wellbeing. When someone has failed in their duty of care, it can be very distressing and difficult to move on. Getting closure with their case can help them pave a way forward and seek any treatment that is recommended.


#3 It Can Help the Family


Quite often, it is the family or the loved ones who are the most upset about what has happened. Making a claim for compensation can help families process what has happened to their loved one and find a way forward together.


#4 If Questions Need to be Asked


When mistakes have occurred and things have gone wrong, there are often many questions left unanswered. When you make a medical negligence claim, a full investigation is opened meaning that you should receive written reports from medical experts explaining what has happened and why. This is often extremely helpful for a family when coming to terms with their situation.


#5 Justice and Recognition


When making a claim, it can help to hear from lawyers and other medical professionals who can provide an independent expert opinion.  This will allow you to understand exactly what has happened. If this evidence is supportive, it will allow you to bring a successful claim and get the recognition that is required.


Medical Negligence Claim no win no fee Solicitors compensation claim

Moving Forward


Those who have experienced medical negligence may feel like they are starting over again once their claim in finalised and they begin a new chapter of their lives.


Whilst financial compensation may not be the main driver in making a claim, it can help with several problems that you might face as a direct result of your experience. If you have been unable to work, then a compensation award can help to cover costs you might have incurred. It can help if you fell behind with mortgage payments or household expenses. If you require long-term care or ongoing medical attention, then compensation could allow you to opt for private treatment or pay for a carer to visit your home. Those who have suffered life-altering injuries may need to make adaptions to their home, purchase an adapted vehicle or electric wheelchair.


Some people who have experienced a long period of suffering or hospital stays may wish to use compensation to treat the family to a holiday of a lifetime.  We have often come across clients wishing to donate their payment to charity or ensure their children’s’ financial security.


Your Clinical Negligence Claim


Whatever your feelings on compensation, your medical experience is personal to you and everyone will have their own reasons and motivation for taking the complaint one step further.


If you would like to speak to someone about making a claim, or if you are not sure if your case would be successful and want to have an informal chat about it, then please call our compassionate and understanding team today.


Call on 01256 844888, email enquiries@lambbrooks.com or speak to our online chat assistant who can get started by taking some details and arranging a call back from one of our specialist lawyers.


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