Many couples who are deliberating divorce wait for the festive period to be over before taking the next steps to separate.


Often this decision is to keep the family together for the children over Christmas, not wanting to cause upset around what should be a happy and magical time. For some it is one last celebration together to see if things can work out or not.


The festive period can rub salt in the wounds of a failing marriage – more time together, financial pressures, visits with extended family, more alcohol and the expectations to be merry when you are feeling anything but joyous.


The pressure of a concentrated and restricted Christmas this year where families were forced to make decisions about which in-laws they saw or who they formed a ‘Christmas Bubble’ with could have added further stress to relationships.


Re-Evaluating Your Relationship


The New Year is often a time when spouses re-evaluate their relationships, goals and plans for the year ahead. This year, in particular, has been a testing one with more pressure put on relationships than ever before due to the pandemic, uncertainty and lockdown periods.


Although the vaccine is well under-way, it is difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel just yet for things to get back to normality. The start of 2021 at least is looking quite bleak for couples who are still living together but considering separation.


Traditionally, more people petition for divorce in January than any other month of the year which is often attributed to the pressure of the family Christmas celebrations and the vision of a new start for the new year. Divorce lawyers around the UK are expecting a busier start to 2021 due to the unprecedented challenges that spouses have found themselves dealing with this year.


Man walking alone in the winter

Parting Ways in the New Year


If couples cannot see a future together in 2021 then it is sensible to start thinking about how they will navigate a separation in a way that is best for all the family. As schools return and people get back to work this week, it is often a time when feuding couples start to consider their options and research divorce solicitors.


Access to good legal advice is still possible. Lamb Brooks can offer telephone meetings, virtual meetings via Zoom or Teams, or can still meet face-to-face if preferred in our Covid-secure offices (under current government guidance as of 4 January 2021).


Our expert Family Lawyers have adapted this year to be able to support in a way that fits around their clients needs, their work and their family commitments – we appreciate it is tough to get things done at the moment!


If you are looking to prepare for the end, some starting points can be found in our previous blog “10 Things You Can Do To Prepare for Divorce


Legal Advice on Divorce


For bespoke advice about your own relationship circumstances and to find out where you stand with divorce, please call our Family Law Team on 01256 844888 or email enquiries@lambbrooks.com.


January tends to be a busy month for first appointments with a divorce lawyer, so we would recommend booking an appointment ahead of time.


We hope to help guide you through the challenge of separation and see you through to the other side, allowing you to enjoy a happier 2021.


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