Your first encounter with a divorce or family lawyer is likely to take place when your emotions are running high. You may be upset, angry, overwhelmed or confused – either way, you have taken the first big step and we want to ensure that you come away from the initial meeting feeling relieved and at ease with the new knowledge and understanding you have gained from speaking to a professional.


In order to make the most productive use of your solicitor’s time (and your money) the key is to be prepared. Here are some of our top tips for your first meeting with your solicitor;

  • Consider what you would like to get out of the meeting – make a note of all the questions you have, as often people forget to ask key questions during the meeting. Of course, we are always available on the phone if there is something you missed, but in order to take away as much information as possible on the day we always advise clients to come prepared with a list of topics to discuss or questions to ask.
  • It is completely normal to feel anxious and you may want to bring a friend or family member with you for moral support. That’s absolutely fine with us, in fact, often bringing someone with you can help ask questions you may have missed and can help retain the information. In so far as possible, we do ask that children are not brought to your appointment as this can be disruptive and they should not be hearing discussions regarding their parents.
  • It is helpful to bring with you some financial information or at least some rough ideas on your property value, salaries, details of any assets, debts, pensions, savings and investments. All of this information will help your solicitor build up a picture of how the financial aspects of your divorce may be handled. But if this information isn’t easily to hand – do not worry.

  • Ensure that you allow yourself plenty of travel time so that you are on time for your appointment. Arriving rushed and flustered could impact your emotions and hinder what you get out of the meeting. At Lamb Brooks we have free client parking available at our office on Winchester Street.
  • Be assured that tears and emotions are normal and our family solicitors are used to working with individuals that are under a great deal of stress. If at any point during the meeting you need to take a moment’s break, you are more than welcome to. We are on hand with tea, tissues and plenty of support to get you through this difficult time.
  • Come to your meeting however you feel comfortable, there is no need to put on a suit or dress up in any way because you are visiting a lawyer’s office. Arrive in casual clothes, work clothes – however you feel most comfortable, it is your appointment.

Your first meeting with your Family Solicitor is an important step; perhaps one you have been putting off for a while, or are reluctant to take if a separation was not your decision. Either way you are sure to have lots of questions and even more anxieties! Our Solicitors are very understanding and will help put you at ease from the offset, aiming to provide you with reassurance, empathy and the confidence you need to take the next steps in your separation.


For further information on our intial Fixed Fee appointment or any other family matters please do not hesitate to contact our Family Team on 01256 844888.


The contents of this article are for the purposes of general awareness only. They do not purport to constitute legal or professional advice.  The law may have changed since this article was published.   Readers should not act on the basis of the information included and should take appropriate professional advice upon their own particular circumstances.