A recent Court of Appeal decision has once again highlighted the challenge of determining the correct approach to be taken with respect to the valuation and treatment of shares in a private company following a divorce.


In the reported decision of Martin v Martin [2018], the court was asked to reconsider, amongst other things, the level of risk which should be attributed to the husband’s ongoing interest in the family business set against the cash lump sum which he had been ordered to pay the wife.


The husband felt aggrieved that the wife was being provided with too much of the ‘copper-bottomed’ assets by her receiving what might be described as ‘hard cash’, and that not enough weight was given to the fact that he was retaining the business which carried its own uncertainties.


The court was also asked to reconsider the question of liquidity, namely whether the husband could reasonably extract the necessary funds by way of a dividend to pay off the wife within the allotted timeframe.


On this occasion, the appeal judge did not interfere with the size of the lump sum which the husband had been ordered to pay the wife, but did decide the fair way of resolving the matter was to substitute the lump sum which had been ordered to be paid by June 2019 with four annual payments to help spread the amount and make it easier.

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