With summer holidays on the horizon, now is the time to give some thought as to what will happen to the children’s day- to- day routine when the school term comes to an end.


Navigating the school holidays can be tricky for families that all live together under one roof, let alone separated parents. It can be especially difficult for parents with work commitments or those that do not see eye-to-eye.


Our key message to overcome any issues is to plan ahead. With just a few more weeks left at school, it is time to agree on – ideally written down or in a timetable to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.


Common difficulties that arise in the summer months can be;


  • Who is going to cover the additional expense of summer clubs, activities or days out that the children will enjoy?
  • Who should care for the children if both parents are working?
  • When and where the children should go on holiday with each parent?
  • Who will apply for the children’s passports and where will these be kept?


A Parenting Plan, which can be agreed by both parents, is easier to achieve than many people think, especially when assisted by a neutral Mediator to guide the discussions.

The advantage to putting a Parenting Plan in place is that it clearly sets out a framework which parents have shaped and created together. It can be referred to time and time again, and can be adapted and changed as the children get older and their needs change.


Whilst discussions surrounding the summer holidays can sometimes be challenging for separated parents, a Mediator can assist parties to communicate effectively to put plans in place and to allow them to co-parent smoothly.


If you are struggling to agree on plans for your children during the 6 weeks holidays, or need assistance speaking to your ex-partner about any other issues regarding your children, then mediation may be beneficial.


The cost of mediation will depend on how many sessions you need to be able to come to an agreement. It is a good idea to think about your ideal outcome before starting the process and attend the sessions with an open mind, being prepared to negotiate and compromise to reach a solution.


Your children will only have a few ‘summers of fun’ before they are grown up so it is key that both parents can spend time with them over the summer holidays and most importantly, that the children feel secure and happy throughout the school break.


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