This week (5 – 11 August 2019) is National Surrogacy Week. A time to celebrate the joy that surrogacy can bring, raise awareness, to celebrate surrogacy professionals and support families going through their surrogacy journey.


Although many families use surrogacy as a way to grow their families every year, there is still a lack of awareness, including around the legal hurdles which need to be overcome in order for the intended parents to become the legal parents.


This is a complex and evolving area of law and if you are considering surrogacy or perhaps have already started your journey, it is important to take early advice on the practical considerations and the legal formalities required to apply for a parental order once the baby has arrived.

It is also worth ensuring that your legal affairs are in order before welcoming your child home including making sure your Will is up-to-date and that you appoint guardians should something happen to you.


Whatever stage of the process you are at, if you are considering creating a family via surrogacy, fertility treatment or adoption, then please contact our Family Law specialists today to see how we can help give you legal peace of mind.


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