So you’ve got the date and perfect venue all booked. The invites have gone out, your flights and accommodation are sorted, and you’ve also got the flowers and DJ all confirmed.  So what else do you need to be thinking about?


If you are getting married abroad, then it is worth knowing that whoever is officiating over the wedding ceremony may ask you and your fiancé(e) to provide a written declaration of your single status. This often needs to be drawn up well in advance of you travelling and has to be signed by you and witnessed in front of a solicitor or notary.  If you have been married before, a copy of your Decree Absolute is also normally exhibited to the document.


It is worth checking with your wedding co-ordinator, tour operator and/or the consulate well in advance as to whether a declaration as to single status is needed for your wedding ceremony and what the precise requirements are so that your important day is not in any way jeopardised.

We can help arrange to witness and certify these types of documents for you. We can also help prepare such documents based on what you have been asked to provide.


Don’t forget to review your Will too, as your marriage will invalidate this unless it was made in contemplation of getting married. Finally, if you are concerned about wealth protection, then it is wise to put in place a prenuptial agreement like so many people do nowadays, just in case.


Please contact Rob Parker, Associate Solicitors in our Family Team on 01256 305530 or email rob.parker@lambbrooks.com who will be pleased to assist.


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