While attention is focused on the country’s divorce from the EU and what the New Year will bring from the Brexit bargaining table, many families will be facing up to break-up issues closer to home.


Too often, the stress of trying to hold it together takes its toll on couples trying to manage one more family Christmas, especially if they are contemplating a separation in the New Year.


The return to work in January is commonly when family lawyers receive more enquiries than at any other time, but talking it through and getting advice from a family lawyer who is a member of Resolution (the solicitors family law association) can help keep things on track and ensure the situation stays as amicable as possible.

As Rob Parker, specialist family lawyer at Lamb Brooks, explains, ‘It’s really important to talk it over and get early advice on all of your options.  Having a better understanding of your legal position and all of the avenues open to you can be hugely empowering and enables you to make an informed decision as to how you move forward, whether separately or as a couple.’


‘The team here at Lamb Brooks are highly experienced and we offer the full range of family law services, including family mediation and collaborative practice’


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